Apr 12, 2014 | News, The Business Journey | 4 comments

Hi Lovelies! It’s that time again to do a heart to heart check in. I feel like I desperately need to get some things off my chest that have been weighing me down. I’m not sure how I let it happen but I have let this feeling of being scared in my heart. I have found myself being cautious instead of courageous, strategic instead of spontaneous, and feeling like I just can’t leap.  For the first time in my life I feel like there is quick sand around my feet and I’m sick of it! I’m tired of being scared, I’m tired of being worried, and I’m tired of not feeling as sure of myself  within this business.  When I started this business a big part of my plan was to have it grow with me, I wanted God to guide me on an exploratory path of entrepreneurship and work through me to bring out talents that had been brewing within me.

When I started this business it only encompassed event planning, and God told me to build and to bring my beautiful dishes into the fold.  Last year he began working even more within me and allowed me to see that I could be much more of a creator than I was allowing myself to be, but I have ignored that blessing. I have tried to push it down, to turn it away and at every turn God keeps reminding me just how much he is in control too. I found myself praying really hard a few weeks ago for direction, guidance, and promised myself that I would give my worries to him because they had become too great for me to carry. I’m not sure I’ve had a cry like that in a long time, but it was one that was very needed.

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But there is a good end to this story lovelies, or shall I say a good beginning.  The day that I let go and let God carry my worries was the first day in a long time that I felt free. From that day to this God has certainly been working through me and keeping my creative hands busy.  In a few months I’ll be launching a small line of products that will be for sale in my Etsy shop, MME for the first time will have a home outside of my home, and I’ll be working hard to launch another arm of my business. It’s a lot and I know that God has put me in a place to be ready for everything that is coming my way. I hope that all of you will continue to support my journey and celebrate in the good moments and cheer me on in the messy moments.

So here’s to not being scared, here’s to being courageous, spontaneous, and reaching toward my very big dreams.