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Hi lovelies!!

Bringing myself back to the blogging world and dusting off some of the cobwebs and removing the cute little dust bunnies from around here.


Making Me Events Bouquet

A LOT has happened in the year that I stopped blogging, like A LOT. I got engaged, married (more about these two LATER), grew my business, and have found a way to begin to turn all that I am passionate about into my business. It was an amazing 2016 and from what I can see 2017 will be an incredible year as well!


Yesterday I filled my soul over a cup of coffee with a friend who reminded me just how far this tiny company has come. After she left I took a slow spin around my design studio and realized my collection of vintage milk glass, pink depression glass, Hadley hatboxes (featured in the image below), handkerchiefs, silver teapots, and blue buffalo china was something wayyyy beyond my time and yet somehow I felt the most connected to all of these things over modern and traditional collections.

Hadley Hatbox


For the first time in a VERY long time I feel like my head and my heart are aligned and the path for MME has been very carefully laid out and I’m no longer in the battle to look like anyone else (praise God!). My company is drawing from a time when women wore fancy hats and drank out of delicate teacups and had a discerning eye for decorating, creating, and collecting and we’re bringing that kind of fancy and classic elegance to each event through garden style floralizing (ok…maybe that’s not a real word, but l like it ha), decor from my curated collection, and through planning.

Making Me Events Flower Pop-Up Shop

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EEEEK! Lovelies, I’m so excited that I get to share with you the images from my first Pop-Up Flower Shop!! My heart lovelies, it’s so filled with absolute joy.  I took the big leap to do something that I’ve been thinking about for a while, and never had the courage to do until now. Plan and style my very first pop up flower shop!! A local restaurant, Caffe Dolce generously allowed me to use their space and it was exactly the kind of backdrop I was looking for; modern-artsy-filled with tasty food.  I instantly knew that I wanted the back drop of their hand drawn menu behind me and while my design space had to be simple, I wanted it to totally look like my company. I borrowed a variety of wooden crates, and purchased galvanized buckets (best purchase ever!) and went through my studio selecting items that really speak to my brand (milk glass, sequin linen, pink mason jars, etc), and topped it all off with an adorable laser cut wood sign. I selected flowers that I love, they were bright and fun, and exactly what my mother would have loved to receive if we lived closer and boy did these babies fly off the shelves. I worked with a dear friend and local photographer, Jody Daniel Photography to photograph the event, she was incredible and after a few moments I felt so comfortable with her snapping pictures of me that I was able to work while she snapped away. And honey-child dis she ever snap away, she provided me with the most gorgeous images, don’t you think?!

Pop Up Shop 1 Pop Up Shop 2

The idea of a pop up shop is just that, to POP UP at a location, but I knew that it would be important for me to take pre-orders so that I had an idea of how many flowers to purchase. I heavily marketed on my social media outlets and aligned my event to be on one of the most popular flower days (Mother’s Day). If I can give any future pop-up owners any advice it would be to prepare. Prepare to market your event, take pre-orders, and to work really-really hard. While I fully anticipated that I’d be there for 7 hours selling until the very last hand-tied bouquet was purchased, I sold out in under 2 hours!! I blinked and I had nearly sold 55 hand tied bouquets, and my social media was flooding in with pictures of my lovely little creations. It was Mother’s day bliss!

Pop Up Shop 3 Pop Up Shop 4

I hope you enjoyed this fun little re-cap lovelies!


A DIY Cake that will save your hostess life

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Hello Lovelies! I’m finally getting around to sharing with you a super easy diy project that can totally add that extra glam to your next home event or styled photoshoot. On a normal occasion I would recommend heading to your local favorite cake baker to create a one of a kind sweet creation, however when life gets busy and you’re in a pinch you’ll thank me for this quick fix.

Photography Credit Ruth Eileen Photography DIY Cake by Making Me Events 2

A few months ago my very talented vendor friends and I decided to do a killer photo-shoot, that was featured on none other than Style Me Pretty, see a few of the juicy dets here. Unfortunately a little hiccup with the cake landed me in a very interesting position just 24 hours before our shoot. We needed a cake and stat, determined to have something that looked gorgeous and would photograph well I decided to go with a naked cake. So there I was, 24 hours before  a shoot calling my local grocery stores to see which one had a simple-naked cake that I could adorn with fresh blooms. About an hour later I found a $7.99 cake, yes lovelies you are actually looking at a store bought cake that is under $10 (SCORE!). The ladies at the bakery were sweet enough to whip this up for me when I explained my dilemma and boy am I thankful. I topped it with a few fresh flowers and we were off, and it is fabulous. My in a pinch skills totally paid off and yours will too. If you plan on pulling this off remember to go with a simple cake, it doesn’t have to be naked but it does have to be simple and if you do plan to go with fresh flowers please remember to wrap those stems up with floral tape.

Photography Credit Ruth Eileen Photography DIY Cake by Making Me Events


Let’s talk 2015 plans

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Hello lovelies! I feel like every time I come to the blog I need to kind of dust it off a bit and apologize about why I’ve been so delayed in my writing. But I’m changing that today, I’m a small business owner, crazy busy is lumped somewhere in that title.

As the year is coming to a close I’m getting a head start on 2015 and how I’m going to turn my very big dreams into real-life profitable plans. So this week armed with candy, wine, and more wine I went into what I can only describe as “think -tank” mode. I locked myself in a room sat down and asked myself some really tough questions. Lovelies I have some WERK to do to get myself back into shape, I will be adding on a new service soon (sorry I’m not ready to share it just yet, but if you’ve been buzzing around my social media pages you will probably guess it!) to MME and I want to make sure I can handle the work that comes with that. That’s what I love about this business, as I have grown so have my interests and I’ve been able to incorporate that passion directly into my services. Can you believe that there actually was a time when I didn’t offer vintage rentals? YUP! My lovely pieces weren’t being used at all in conjunction with MME which is just bizarre.

Sorry, I feel like I digressed a bit, I walked out of the think tank 4 hours later a little light headed and a belly full of chocolate (ps. wine and chocolate are no longer safe foods for me to over indulge in). I walked away from this exercise knowing that there are going to be some changes happening, don’t worry not fast but overtime you’re going to start seeing some new things from me. Two things that I’m willing to share now are that I will be taking on a serious investment in myself at the beginning of 2015. I really don’t want to say in what but just know that I will be getting my hands dirty and coming back to Laredo with FRESH concepts.  The other thing is I will be spending a significant amount of time back east balancing more weddings. Both of these new things are incredibly exciting but at the same time a little scary, it’s kind of the first time I’ve seen my business begin to put on big girl pants and I’m totally digging it.


Making Me Events



Darling Bridal Shower Recap

Sep 28, 2014 | Design & Styling, DIY, Vintage Plate Rentals | 2 comments

Happy Sunday lovelies.

Today, today is one of the best days ever because I get to tell you that I survived my first double event day.  First off let me tell you, never ever do this. For reals, don’t! One of our lovely clients accidentally gave us the wrong date and luckily I caught the big “whoops” in plenty of time. As soon as it was discovered I assured her that we would still be able to manage her fabulous fete. So the planning, the prepping, and the splitting the team began. On one of the rainiest days since I’ve moved to Laredo, I set up a baby shower at the local Country Club while Ms. K headed off to our second location and began the pre-set up of this lovely bridal shower.

When I began dreaming up how this event would look I knew that I wanted to keep it simple by using a few high impact handcrafted details, and with a venue this unique I wanted the space to do most of the talking.  It’s not everyday that you have 50 of your closest friends and family celebrating with you in a historical building! My oh my do a few high impact projects go a very long way, take a look at mine!

Making Me Events Bridal ShowerMaking Me Events Bridal Shower 4

I used my custom mason jars which pack a punch of sweetness to dress up the lovely floral centerpieces I created, if you love them as much as I do you can get your hands on them in my etsy shop.  They are absolutely perfect for those celebratory and just because events, and how cute are my little love sticks!? The love sticks aren’t for sale in my etsy shop but I promise they are easy to make (keep a look out for a future diy tutorial post).  Of course we just had to incorporate a little vintage into the event by adding a beautiful teacup setting  for each guest to enjoy.   So there you have it lovelies, a sweet recap on our darling bridal shower, I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the pictures as much as we loved being apart of the creative process.  Off to plan the next fabulous fete! Making Me Events Bridal Shower 3Making Me Events Bridal Shower 2


The top 5 reasons to rent my vintage china

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Vintage china has been apart of my narrative for as long as I can remember, I am the girl who goes crazy over vintage ribbon, a delicate hankie, and I have always believed that every teacup that adorns my collection practically spoke to me. Someone asked me a few months ago when I knew I had grown my collection large enough, sadly I couldn’t think of an answer and now I’m finally ready to admit that I’m a crazy china lady. Enough is never enough and I’m grateful to have someone in my life who doesn’t mind that an entire room in our house is called the “china room”, that 50 some odd boxes when we moved were dedicated to china…all china (our movers were not impressed), and that I will cry-hagle-and beg to add just one more plate or teacup to my collection(which is never really one more).

When you’re renting my collection you are renting so many fond memories that extend beyond my purchase, you are renting “their” history, a time when afternoon tea was amongst the daily routine. I’ve spent the better part of my life in love with vintage particularly tea soirees and along the way I’ve found so many of you that share my passion for vintage. With that said, here are my top 5 reasons to rent my vintage china.

1.) Every piece has been carefully stored and properly prepped for the next beautiful event. A personal note from me goes into each rental order and you can rest assure that the collection you are receiving is in pristine condition. It is 100% Phebe certified.

2.) For each fabulous soiree that requires rentals, I personally select each piece to create a one of a kind mish-mash collection just for you and your guests.

3.) Vintage china can be an amazing conversation starter, guests are completely wowed that they have something all their own to enjoy for the evening and often times someone will find their Grandmothers or Great Grandmothers china!

Making Me Events -Rent Vintage China. Photo Credit: Henry Photography

4.) Vintage China is timeless and classic. It will NEVER go out of style.

5.) Whether you are going full out vintage for your bridal shower, tea soiree, dinner party, or fabulous fete vintage china adds a touch of elegance.


Four minutes that will change your day

Sep 2, 2014 | The Business Journey | 1 comment

Happy Tuesday lovelies, I hope you had an incredible weekend and most importantly I hope you are feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the week. I AM! No, really I plan to completely kick this weeks butt!! I’ve been chatting with a lot of my business friends and a lot of us are starting to feel the blues in some way or another, and I feel like we’ve all been giving each other virtual hugs and pep talks to keep our heads held high. I desperately wanted to take charge of my emotions and discovered something pretty remarkable, for me the first four minutes of my day dictated how the next 23 hours and 56 minutes would be played out. Yup, I said it from the moment I opened my eyes I had exactly four minutes to determine the kind of day I was going to have. Think I’m crazy? Keep reading. I found if I woke up with my alarm buzzing away and screaming at me to wake the hell up, I felt anxious, rushed, even late for everything. On the flip side if I gently and calmly allowed myself to naturally wake up (usually around 7:30am) I felt even more alert and on top of my game. All of a sudden those four minutes became the most important part of my day, I could choose to spend them angry, frustrated, or thankful and feeling fulfilled with God’s endless blessings.

Making Me Events

I choose everyday for the first four minutes to allow God’s grace to wash over me, to prepare me for the long journey that I have ahead of me and to allow me to walk a little closer to him. I declare that I WILL have a good day  and regardless of the little bumps that occur they would no longer rule the day or me. Did you hear me bad days? You don’t rule me, you don’t rule us! You get to have a few moments but not a day, not a week, not a month, and not on my watch. Have I convinced you yet to adopt this four minute rule? What are some tips that you have for maintaining low stress filled days?


Why Distraction is a good thing

Aug 22, 2014 | The Business Journey | 0 comments

Long time no see, so I’m busted I have been in a blogging rut! I’ve been walking around for weeks with blog topics in my head but can’t seem to find the time to sit down and actually get it out already. So today, while I’m running on five (ok I’m being dramatic) meh six hours of sleep I’m sitting in bed with coffee on my side table and I’m ready to get back to writing and documenting my business journey.

Remember my life lately post when I talked about leaving my full time job to follow my full time dream? I am determined to make it work and wanted to give you a bit of an update as to where I am now.  Now that I’m 90 days in can I tell you $h*! has gotten real, like really real! I’ve been so surprised by some of the things that have caused me to become unhinged.  In my first 60 days I got super distracted and instead of focusing on who MME is and the kind of clients I want to attract and services I want to offer,  I was veering off on a completely different track, oh lovelies there were tears. After sitting down and sharing my thoughts with some of my closest friends and hearing some really harsh advice, I was back on track and back to my senses and more than anything I reminded myself of the business I am building. I know who I want MME to be and I’m working double time to make that happen. So in 90 days their have been tears of joy, ugly tears, happy moments, jump up and down moments, can’t live without these moments, all of which have made me feel that I made the right decision to follow my dream and make it my full time reality. Full time entrepreneurship isn’t easy, it’s HARD work but the joy that I feel knowing that I’m doing something so brave and carving out my destiny is incredible! I’ve met so many people who are in the beginning of the full time entrepreneurship journey and I’m so grateful for those blossoming friendships. I can’t wait to share more of my journey with you lovelies, enjoy this gorgeous Friday!

 Photo Credit: Zero Photography


Life Lately & Updates

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Hello lovelies, it’s been soooo long since I’ve sat down and blogged. Sure I’ve started a few random posts but I’ve been avoiding saying or shall I say writing what I desperately need to get off of my chest. So here it goes.

Exactly 60 days ago I decided now was the best time to start fully living this event planning dream, no not the one where I work a 45 hour job a week and juggle all of the endless business stuff that I have to do. Lovelies let me tell you that’s not the dream, being so tired you can hardly think, juggling and I mean juggling your full time job and your part time dream job isn’t the dream. The dream is working for yourself everyday, crying a little, hell even struggling a little but knowing that you are in charge of your destiny…now that’s the dream. I can tell you a millions times that I struggled with the decision to leave my job, because I did, but I won’t. What I will tell you is the thought of MME becoming a distant or faded memory of a dream that could have been that should have been was so overwhelming heartbreaking that I couldn’t bare it, that’s what I want to share with you. That walking away from everything that is safe and secure feels uncomfortable. I felt scared and anxious all at the same time but for the first time I felt free and alive and no one told me in college that you couldn’t put a price on THAT feeling.  But it gets better, everyday gets a little better and before you know it you can go to bed at 10pm or 11pm and worry a little less about what tomorrow will look like. Your week no longer looks like meltdown Monday’s, Tantrum Tuesday’s, What the hell am I doing Wednesday’s, Throwback to when I had a full time job Thursday’s, and Thank God I made it through the week Friday’s. Just breath, because it gets so so much better.

Life is different and in the best way possible.  I wake up, leave my house and unlock the door to a beautiful shop in which I have a tiny nook to call home. A home for MME. I’m greeted by the sweet smiling friend who believed in me before I had fully convinced myself I could really do this. There are days when her smiling face remind me to just breath because it does get better. Whew, that’s everything I’ve wanted to say for 60 days but haven’t had the courage to put my feelings into actual words.  I hope you’ll stay with me on this journey, there are so many things that are just lighting my heart on fire and I’m excited to share them with you.

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