MME is on Vacation!

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Happy Friday lovelies! I am officially in countdown mode for my first two New England events, these two events are going to kick off one hell of a busy year for MME. I am ready sweet friends. When you’re an event planner the kind of daily stress you take on can be all encompassing, last night I hit my limit while trying to pack, with one good sigh I realized why mini vacations are crucial to the job. I NEED to de-stress and well to be quite honest not think about my to-do lists (my many…many to-do lists).  The good thing is my loving boyfriend of almost 6 years knows exactly how I am while planning a wedding, soon it will be our turn and he’ll be nice and broken in when I completely freak out over linens, flowers, and centerpieces. Ahhh God Bless his heart haha.

We are officially Austin, TX bound and I couldn’t be happier. Our lovely friends have volunteered to be our tour guides because although we live close enough to Austin we just haven’t had  chance to explore this fabulous city.  Ya’ll we are from the east coast, a 4 hour drive is NY, ME, VT, NH, CT, haha. However we are learning that 4 hours away in Texas time is pretty darn close! During our trip I plan to do my best to disconnect and just live in and enjoy the moment as much as I can, after all these are the moments that I hold closest to my heart. The moments where perfectly clever hashtags just don’t exist.

Photo Credit: Making Me Events

Planner friends and industry professionals please take care of yourselves this wedding season, laugh more, live life outrageously out loud, and kick up your heels and dance like no one is looking! With that lovelies, I am off to enjoy my wonderful vacation. See you on the blog next week.

Photo Credit: Making Me Events





MME’s Welcome Kit for Interns

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Bonjour lovelies! Sorry, I’ve been sipping on too much coffee today and I am feeling a little punchy. One of the biggest decisions I made a few weeks ago was to hire an intern, Kendra’s call was a complete wake up call for me.  I wanted a local intern, I needed an intern but I just wasn’t ready to settle for anyone to do the job. MME is my baby, one that I’ve cared and nurtured for quite some time and I wasn’t ready to put pieces of it into the hands of others or give away my trade secrets for that fact. None the less I agreed to meet Kendra, I needed to see that she was just as passionate a learner as I was many moons ago when I was interning. To my absolute surprise she was, this girl is a breath of fresh air and I’m so glad I scooped her up for MME.

Once she was hired I decided that I wanted Kendra to experience much of what my clients do when they book MME services.  I created a custom made kit just for her and one that screams welcome aboard!  Here’s the skinny on my reasoning…

Intern Welcome Kit contains the following:

  • A “Hello” thank you note from me. I know that being in a service related industry or being an intern can at times seem like a thankless job, but I wanted her to know how grateful I am for her assistance this wedding season.
  • A journal to write down notes, I know this one is a little on the smaller side however I absolutely plan to upgrade Kendra and I to a fancy pants working journal/calendar/daily gratitude reminder (….you know who I’m talking about here!)
  • A noise maker to celebrate when she books her first wedding!
  • A DIY canvas tote to carry random thing she’ll need (one must always have a crochet needle, trust me!)
  • A cute change purse to hold business cards
  • And a bottle of glitter champagne to pop open at the end of the wedding season!

Interns are incredible and although Kendra and I have only been working together for such a short time, I already feel like she’s making my life a lot easier. As a small business owner I know first hand how hard it is to give up control and at the same time how much it’s needed. I am so very excited friends and I can’t wait for all of you to “meet” Kendra!

Making Me Events Intern Welcome Kit



Being scared and what I’ve learned

Apr 12, 2014 | News, The Business Journey | 4 comments

Hi Lovelies! It’s that time again to do a heart to heart check in. I feel like I desperately need to get some things off my chest that have been weighing me down. I’m not sure how I let it happen but I have let this feeling of being scared in my heart. I have found myself being cautious instead of courageous, strategic instead of spontaneous, and feeling like I just can’t leap.  For the first time in my life I feel like there is quick sand around my feet and I’m sick of it! I’m tired of being scared, I’m tired of being worried, and I’m tired of not feeling as sure of myself  within this business.  When I started this business a big part of my plan was to have it grow with me, I wanted God to guide me on an exploratory path of entrepreneurship and work through me to bring out talents that had been brewing within me.

When I started this business it only encompassed event planning, and God told me to build and to bring my beautiful dishes into the fold.  Last year he began working even more within me and allowed me to see that I could be much more of a creator than I was allowing myself to be, but I have ignored that blessing. I have tried to push it down, to turn it away and at every turn God keeps reminding me just how much he is in control too. I found myself praying really hard a few weeks ago for direction, guidance, and promised myself that I would give my worries to him because they had become too great for me to carry. I’m not sure I’ve had a cry like that in a long time, but it was one that was very needed.

goals pic

But there is a good end to this story lovelies, or shall I say a good beginning.  The day that I let go and let God carry my worries was the first day in a long time that I felt free. From that day to this God has certainly been working through me and keeping my creative hands busy.  In a few months I’ll be launching a small line of products that will be for sale in my Etsy shop, MME for the first time will have a home outside of my home, and I’ll be working hard to launch another arm of my business. It’s a lot and I know that God has put me in a place to be ready for everything that is coming my way. I hope that all of you will continue to support my journey and celebrate in the good moments and cheer me on in the messy moments.

So here’s to not being scared, here’s to being courageous, spontaneous, and reaching toward my very big dreams.


Pretty in Pink Wedding Inspiration

Apr 3, 2014 | Wedding Inspiration | 1 comment

Happy Friday lovelies! It feels so good to wake up and blog today, I can’t believe the month of March zoomed by so quickly. It’s that lovely season again for MME and I’m so incredibly blessed to say that in less than 50 days I’ll be planning the first event of the year. My heart is just so full of love and joy that I get to do what I love everyday and that so many of you support this journey. I wish I had more time to blog you know on the daily but MME is a one woman show with a fabulous assistant of course. Every small business can relate to the everyday hustle that I’m talking about! Today I wanted to introduce you to a new fun series, wedding inspiration. It occurred to me as I’m creating design proposals for clients that I should let you take a peek into how I pull my inspiration together. All of the lovely image credits can be found below and I seriously encourage you to check out these fabulous peeps. Seriously they are incredible and my jaw is seriously still on the floor. My hope is that you are inspired by color, ideas, and feel a little less afraid to make your wedding that much more special and unique by adding in unexpected details. The world of pinterest has left us all with inspiration overload and remember those images are to be used as inspiration not imitation. Have fun, get creative, and don’t be afraid to do something completely and utterly you!
Image Credits: Candy Poppers photo by Jackie Wonder, Plate image via: Seattle Bride, DIY Candles by: Petal Floral Design, Cake by The Caketress Photography by Vicky Starz Photography, Bonjour Print by Stephanie Sterjovski Styled by: The Doctors Closet, DIY Heart Bag by: Caitlin Photography by: Kate Ann Photography, Bouquet by Twiggs Floral Studio Photography by Jessica Burke Photography, Color Palette by Design Seeds, Table design by unknown (found on pinterest)

Image Credits 

Candy Poppers photo by Jackie Wonder

Plate image via: Seattle Bride

DIY Candles by: Petal Floral Design

Cake by The Caketress Photography by Vicky Starz Photography

Table design by unknown (found on pinterest)

Bonjour Print by Stephanie Sterjovski Styled by: The Doctors Closet

DIY Heart Bag by: Caitlin Photography by: Kate Ann Photography 

Bouquet by Twiggs Floral Studio Photography by Jessica Burke Photography

Color Palette by Design Seeds

Cocktail by The Effortless Chic



More 2014 welcome gifts

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Happy Friday lovelies! I am seriously smiling from ear to ear right now. You may remember from this post that I’ve been making sure I have all of my goodies ready for clients to include in my welcome kit.  My office is overflowing with so much pretty that I can hardly contain my excitement. I was pretty excited to see these brightly colored journals for a steal of a price that I purchased the entire stock at the store, I’m kind of crazy like that. Seriously though how cute are they?

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about clients and while I feel like I’ll never be fully done purchasing and creating a few of my favorite gifts, I wanted to show some love to the people I’ll have a chance to work with this year and in the future, vendors. Vendors I am cooking up something equally as lovely for you, it’s coming!

DIY Information kits by Making Me Events

DIY Information kits & welcome gifts by Making Me Events



Birthday Flower Mix

Mar 8, 2014 | Design & Styling, News | 0 comments

Happy Saturday lovelies I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.  If you’re following me on Instagram then you’re seeing a lot of pretty flower love popping up on my feed, and I’m pretty excited about that. This weekend I put together a pretty and vibrant hand tied bouquet that will go into nice big mason jars to celebrate my very good friends birthday. I know she’s going to LOVE my take on a festive and bright arrangement made just for her.

Catch my full weekend recap  on Monday! What are you working on this weekend lovelies?

Making Me Events Birthday Floral Mix



Sneak Peek at MME’s Client Welcome Kit

Mar 5, 2014 | News, The Business Journey | 2 comments

Hi lovelies & welcome back to the blog! Today I wanted to give you a tiny peek at what I’ve been collecting, making, and creating for my awesome 2014 clients, just a little way to say thank you and welcome to the MME family.  I’m really excited to be spoiling my clients a bit by creating a personalized welcome kit and along with branding pieces I’ve added some of my fav’s and even thrown in a little diy love just for them. Now I can’t show you absolutely everything, but here’s just a tiny sneak peek at what I’ll be filling the welcome kit box up with this year. Tiny coral coin purses are just too cute to boot and are the perfect shade of coral to match my branding, a love tote which can be used as a summer beach bag (ok, it’s obvious that I’m dreaming about warmer weather, busted!), a delightful little notebook, and my favorite diy lip balm for kissing!

Too cute right lovelies?

Making Me Events Welcome Kit Ideas Making Me Events Welcome Kit Ideas

ps. If you’re crushing on the coin purse or the tote, they are from forever 21. The custom labels for the lip balm were loving designed by blush printables, and the notebook is from Sugar Paper.

Making Me Events Welcome Kit Ideas Making Me Events Welcome Kit Ideas

Making Me Events Welcome Kit Ideas Making Me Events Welcome Kit Ideas


March 2014 Goals

Mar 5, 2014 | The Business Journey | 4 comments

Happy Tuesday and happy March my lovelies! It’s been a while since I’ve done a goals post, so I’m excited to be sitting down and writing and thinking them out with you. March is a BUSY month for MME, I have exactly 45 days to pull all the strings together before I officially kick into my event season and about a week and a half before the rental season begins. I’m never quite sure how I’m going to do it all, manage event life, rental life, blog life, work life, and my own private life .

If you’ve been following along in my business journey you’ve come to know that I live for a challenge and I usually take my off season to focus on a craft or hobby that I’ve been dying to delve into. Last year I picked up my camera so that I could continue to bring you pretty pictures with each post and I’ve been slowly learning photoshop (big props to my photog friends!). This year I’m adding on another special layer which I’m pretty excited about, but not quite ready to share just yet.  Ok enough of my blabbing, let’s get down to goals.

1.) Keep practicing my photography.

This was one of the goals I tried to really tackle in 2013 during my off season. It was refreshing to try my hand at something really new and different, and while I have no plans to become a photographer I whole heartedly believe better pictures & content = a better blog.

2.) Blog GREAT Content

Last year I took a class with THE Holly Becker and felt so inspired to be the best blogger ever, but I’ve started to feel a little blah when it comes to what to write. I really want this blog to be a place where you come to see MY work, so you’ll notice that I don’t really share wedding features/events that are not my own or that I haven’t participated in. I know you get it, but it’s just so important for me that you feel like this is a nice cozy home and when you open the door it’s me that you’re getting to know and my work

3.) Exercise

Yup, wedding planning can equal lots of junk food. I am currently eating a cookie right now as I type, lol. Seriously, I just need to get active. Get off my computer and walk, run, or do anything so that I feel a little more pep in my step.

4.) Worry a little less

A few months ago I was hit with the worry bug, all of a sudden I realized the amount of work I have on my plate and I started to worry that I just couldn’t give each and every project my all. After a really good talk with a friend I decided to make a few much needed lean decisions and take a few things off my plate that were great opportunities but for some reason I just wasn’t as passionate about them.

Making Me Events Florals

**I just had to include a few pretty pictures from this past weekends project! Enjoy lovelies.

Making Me Events Florals

5.) Connect

I have met so many people over the years and sadly a busy event/rental season can mean that I have less and less time to connect with people in person or online. I need to change that, this year I’m making more time to connect with new friends, insta-friends, and just be more present.

6.) Keep Calm & Carry on

To put it simply every opportunity just isn’t for me but lovelies it doesn’t stop me from going for it! Stopping myself from applying for one more thing has been quite the challenge but you know what I’ve decided that there really is only 1 of me and thousands of other talented folks out here. This is me keeping calm, carrying on, and staying focused.

What are your goals this month lovelies? I’d love to follow you along in your business journey, please leave the link to your goals in the comments.


Valentine’s Day ideas Part 2

Feb 14, 2014 | Design & Styling, DIY | 0 comments

Happy Valentine’s Day lovelies! I hope you are having an amazing day filled with chocolates but most importantly love.  A few weeks ago I designed and styled a valentine’s shoot filled to the brim with DIY inspiration, if you missed Part 1 of this post you can check it out here (you can also see all of the vendors that made this amazing shoot possible). Lovelies, there is plenty of time to make a few of the pretty projects for that special person in your life. The XO Cake Topper & Flower Topper was also featured on craftgawker and by the looks of it you are just as much in love with it as I am. This shoot was so special to me because it’s the first one that my guy and I were in together, moments before he asked if these were our engagement pictures and my heart just melted..MELTED. We are not engaged yet, but boy was that an indication that my bright and shiny was on it’s way, I’m just so in love with this man!

Valentine's Day by Making Me Events Photo Credit: Mabel Photography

When Mabel Photgraphy delivered these beautiful images to my inbox I was in shock, they were just so perfect and so us. I’m still so amazed at how you really can capture love through a camera and all of the funny moments in between, after 5 years of dating life is just getting sweeter by the day.

Valentine's Day by Making Me Events Photo Credit: Mabel Photography     Valentine's Day by Making Me Events Photo Credit: Mabel Photography

Valentine's Day by Making Me Events Photo Credit: Mabel Photography   Valentine's Day by Making Me Events Photo Credit: Mabel Photography   Valentine's Day by Making Me Events Photo Credit: Mabel Photography

Valentine's Day by Making Me Events Photo Credit: Mabel Photography

I hope you’re having a great V-day!



Valentine’s Day ideas Part 1

Feb 12, 2014 | Design & Styling, DIY | 3 comments

Welcome back to the blog lovelies. Let’s keep this week rolling with more inspiration and do it yourself projects! A few weeks ago I teamed up with an amazing group of vendors to collaborate on a fun and very DIY friendly Valentine’s day photoshoot. The shoot was so amazing that I’ve decided to break it up into two posts, this one focusing on the details and the diy projects and the other showing more pictures of us. Oh, yes did I mention that my sweetheart and I are the models, YUP! Valentine’s day is probably one of my favorite holidays, it’s a time for me to reach into that creative space and personalize special gifts for my love and I hope this post inspires you to add a little something homemade for the holiday. Before I break everything down you NEED to know the fabulous people that contributed their time or product to making this shoot spectacular, they absolutely deserve your special attention. Mabel Photography provided beautiful photography and even edited a few of mine because she is just that awesome, Online Labels and Blush Printables worked together to provide the prettiest printable labels and all of the stationery that you see featured, TomKat Studio so generously provided all of the party supplies that you see, Le’ Cupcake whipped up a beautiful AND delicious heart shaped cake, and Blossom provided the prettiest handmade hair ties that are featured in pictures 8 and 9. Yes lovelies, so many creative people came together and trusted little ole me to pull this together in the most creative way. I am so grateful and truly humbled by the enormous amount of talent that I am surrounded by and the people that trust me to style, carefully craft, and bring these photoshoots to life. You all hold a very special place in my heart and MME.

One thing that I wanted to do was create a custom box filled to the brim with tasty treats and personalized gifts for Valentine’s day, I mean who says you have to be limited to just a box of chocolate and flowers? I say you should have it all! Conversation hearts, chocolate, and even flavored lipbalm for sweet kisses! I hope you love my spin on a crafty V-day.

Valentine's Day by Making Me Events  Valentine's Day by Making Me Events  Valentine's Day by Making Me Events

DIY Project Alert…

Ruffled Crepe Paper Backdrop

Materials needed

4 rolls of Crepe Paper

Sewing Machine

Stick pins to hold the paper together


This my friends was a true labor of love because I have never in my life used a sewing machine lol. As a matter of fact I had to borrow on and get a quick tutorial on the basics, I was pretty scared but it was so easy that even someone who has never touched a sewing machine can very easily recreate this. When thinking about length keep in mind that you want your paper to ruffle a bit so you will need likely twice as much to achieve the desired length. Also to create the deepness in color you’re going to want to have two of each layer.

Once you have 4 strips in your choice of color, pin them together overlapping, now you’re ready to sew them together! I used the lowest setting (a 4 on the machine I used) to create the ruffles. That’s it. Yup. THAT’S IT, and below are the results which can be seen in nearly every picture. What do you think?

Valentine's Day by Making Me Events   Valentine's Day by Making Me Events

Valentine's Day by Making Me Events   Valentine's Day by Making Me Events

DIY Project Alert….DIY Heart Pin, directions can be found here and TOTALLY are a hit.

Valentine's Day by Making Me Events   Valentine's Day by Making Me Events

DIY Project Alert…

XO Cake Topper & Flower Topper

Materials Needed

Wooden XO letters

Wooden Sticks ( I used skewers and later cut to the desired length)

Glitter (I used a super fine antique glitter by Martha Stewart)

Modge Podge

Food safe clear shellac (you can find online here or in your local home improvement store)

E600 glue


Glitter your letters FIRST. To ensure that your glitter stays on the letters and doesn’t fall onto anything else make sure that you spray each side with the clear food safe shellac just make sure to do only one side at a time. Once completely dry attach your sticks by using the E600 glue. I was very careful to do this outside and allowed them to dry completely overnight. Once dry they are ready to be used, and my oh my do don’t they look great?!

Valentine's Day by Making Me Events   Valentine's Day by Making Me Events

DIY Project Alert…

DIY Lip balm, directions can be found here. Your lips and wallet will thank me!

Valentine's Day by Making Me Events   Valentine's Day by Making Me Events