Sep 9, 2013 | The Business Journey | 1 comment

Happy Monday Lovelies, do you remember this post where I mentioned Blogtember? How fun does it sound to blog everyday for a month (excluding weekends)? It sounds pretty fun to me, and I’m glad that Jenni has challenged all of us bloggers to join her.  Do you have a blog? Join me in what I think will be a fun and informative challenge for your readers!! As Jenni mentioned the blog police won’t come knocking down the MME door if I go off grid, so I’ve decided to skip today’s post and do this one instead, pass on some useful advice or information you learned and always remembered.


 If you’ve been reading this blog for a while than you know I love to share my journey to becoming an entrepreneur, which includes a story of ups and downs and a few ugly steps in between. So here goes my advice which actually comes in two doses. Don’t be afraid to start and remember that you are enough. It took me a while to launch MME, I did my research, connected with other vendors but I still felt like my first year was kind of lack luster.  My expectations of myself and my business were unrealistic and it took me a little time to learn that I’m not super woman, I can’t move mountains overnight but in time I could and I did. When I first started blogging I couldn’t think of anything to say, I’d stare at my computer for hours trying to come up with the next brilliant post-ha. The truth is no one was reading my posts! Before my days of having this super cute home (website/blog), I had a blogspot that my mom and my grandmother read. When I stopped writing for you and I began writing for me, it was a great light bulb moment. I discovered that I had a lot to say, sure maybe what I had to say had a few grammatical errors but that wasn’t going to stop me from writing for myself. My blog became my very own business diary of my journey and whenever I doubted the growth of this business I could go back and see that I was MAKING IT! Slowly, yes but I was still finding my way. Oh don’t get me wrong I wasn’t just feeling lack luster in the blog world, I was feeling the same way in the wedding world and a little green too. Oh don’t make me say it, yes that green…green with envy and feeling like I wasn’t enough.  I have always placed a lot of pressure on myself, but this new feeling was really over the top.

Somewhere along the way I developed this mentality where I wanted to out perform and over achieve in every aspect of my life, and it was destroying what I’d worked so hard to build. I found myself obsessing over the smallest details and instead of moving forward I was really the one who was holding this business back. Just as quickly as I’d developed these insecurities I decided I didn’t want them anymore, I wrote down every insecurity I had and a friend helped me tackle each note with positive energy.  I threw that box away and I haven’t looked back.  Today have I made it? Yes, I have! I love everything about MME, I love that I have wonderful clients and I love how this business has helped to move me forward in so many personal aspects of my life. For so long I thought print and blog publications defined me as an event planner and coordinator but now I could care less about those things. Are they great sure, absolutely! But I no longer think they are the end all and be all for me, I’m happy with my little corner in the wedding world. You know what defines me know as an event planner, coordinator, and curator of vintage crockery, ME and the cherry on top of it are the amazing friendships I get to make with clients and industry professionals.  I wasted a lot of time trying to find the perfect recipe to building a successful business when in reality I had the recipe all along and now I get to share it with you. Today, stop dreaming and start doing, stop worrying about if you’re good enough because you already are!