Jun 6, 2013 | The Business Journey | 0 comments

Sometimes all we need is to get back to the basics, business owners do you remember what life was like before social media and the internet? Ok, lol admittedly I don’t it’s been around whelp my entire life but I do remember a time when we interacted more with each other in person, and seeing someone meant more than reading an email from them.  The past two nights my mind has been rattled with fear that starting over and rebuilding my brand and reputation would take a lifetime. I started playing the what if game. What if I just can’t do this? What if the people of Laredo never discovered MME? What if this and what if that. These were the questions that kept repeating themselves in my head. Well I woke up today with a plan, I decided to take 100 business cards with me and meet business owners face to face and my last minute plan may have sold my business even better than I thought.
Business dreaming

Before I left the house, almost without thinking I put together a small vintage place setting including a teacup and packed it away in a dish tote. My first meeting was with a local photographer and I was surprised how comfortable I felt whipping out my merchandise on the spot, before I knew it I was offering to bring back a teacup setting that could hold my business cards. By the end of the day I had gotten the hang of selling my business on the spot and even better I remembered the power of face to face advertising. Inspired and encouraged I sat down to check out my fb business page and to my surprise nearly 50 ppl from Laredo had liked my page, I couldn’t believe my eyes! My grass roots advertising day had worked!! There’s a saying that I try to follow and it’s if your dreams don’t scare you everyday than you’re not dreaming big enough.

Stay encouraged business peeps, let’s cheer for each other together!