Sep 25, 2013 | The Business Journey | 11 comments

Happy Wednesday! I’m so glad to be rocking my mid week/I’ve almost made it to the weekend mindset and once again I’m rolling along with my blogtember friends. I’m still in awe that all of us have been able to keep up with this challenge and really hold ourselves accountable by blogging each and every day excluding weekends of course.  I love today’s topic because it let’s you into a little bit more of my life and some of the behind the scenes moments at MME.

Today’s prompt, write about a time you screwed up – a mistake you made.

Four words, doing business with friends. Ok, let me start by saying I have wonderfully talented and creative friends, I like to think I just roll in a circle of talent and that’s why we all get along so well and I now know from experience why business and friends can make a bad combination.  So picture me, exactly 40 or so months ago before the rebrand and even before the launch of my business. I had the final stages of my business plan created, I knew exactly what I wanted the look and feel to be but I hadn’t even begun to really understand the full word of branding.  It was like branding what, branding huh? I desperately needed a logo and I reached out to my best friend because I knew her boyfriend was a graphic designer and a good one at that. Big mistake.  Somewhere along the lines we fumbled in communication and I lost it, bad things were said and we both went to our corners to cool off.  The kind of best friend I have is a no nonsense one, she’s calls bs (we all know what this means lol) like it’s her job and I’ve learned the best way to communicate with her is with honesty and transparency, and while she may be the forgiving type she’s not often the forgetting type.  One email, several phone calls, and a run in with an ex-best friend later we managed to patch things up but doing business with a friend was a big business mistake and it almost ruined a friendship that means a lot to me. I needed to learn this lesson very early on, friends don’t do business with friends if they want to stay friends. Sure maybe 50% of the time everything works out fine but it is a gamble and just not one that I am ever willing to take again.  I have since been asked by several friends to plan various events and at each request I have politely declined and recommended another equally fabulous planner. There is no doubt that a serious connection is made with the clients that I work with, but they still see me as their planner first and new friend second. My services and what I’ll provide is clearly laid out in a well written contract and there are no gray areas. It’s all very simple and quite frankly working with friends is not.

I think the best part about any mistake is what you learn from it. how you handle it, and how you recover from it and when I look back on this those are the things I’m most proud of.