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Hi Lovelies! I’m so excited to finally recap my first DIY class that I’ve hosted here in Laredo. Before I dive right in to tutorial mode, I want to thank Sel, from Paper Passion for agreeing to host the class in her adorable paper shop. When I met Sel we had an instant connection and ever since I’ve been popping into her shop as often as I can! I love that she was 100% on board with the idea of a DIY class and we’re both really excited to craft and create with all of you each month.  Eeek can I say that again? Sel and I will be crafting and creating with you each month and in no time you’ll become a DIY maven.  Earlier this month we invited 12 crafters to hunker down with us for 2 hours while we explored the land of adorable and affordable do it yourself kitchen accessories. I should tell you that our first class was completely filled within 24 hours which was unbelievably exciting and at scary at the same time! I had planned not to reveal the details of our projects until the big day, however I sent a long list of class materials they’d need for their projects. My plan worked! All of the crafters were excited to figure out exactly what we’d be doing for the evening and when they arrived they were ready to learn & excited to craft. One thing that I want to point out is that I made each project before our craft night because I wanted to have examples to show the crafters and I wanted to provide a little inspiration.

Ok, now it’s tutorial time!

Animal Jars


Baby food jars, mason jars, or any glass jar you have at home

Crazy glue (note: hot glue will not work!)

Spray paint (your choice of color)

Plastic animals/toys

Bulls Eye Food-Safe Shellac


1.) Glue your plastic toy/animal to the lid of your jar

2.) Spray paint animal and lid cover by using a sweeping motion (note: try not to be too heavy handed or you’ll end up with globs of dripping spray paint)

3.) I don’t plan on putting food in mine and the spray paint is on the outside, but just to be safe I sprayed with Bulls Eye Food-Safe Shellac

4.) Let dry approximately 2-3 hours, I left mine outside overnight to dry in the good ole Texas heat!

Painted wooden spoons


Wooden Utensils

Multipurpose Acrylic Paint (note: I used satin and pearlized colors from Martha Stewart)

1 small paint brush or paint sponge

Painters tape

1 small cup

Bulls Eye Food-Safe Shellac


1.) Apply tape around your utensils and press down hard to make sure the tape is secured to your wooden utencils

2.) Pour a tiny bit of multipurpose paint into a cup and dip your brush/sponge in the paint and apply a thin layer. Let layer dry about 30 minutes and apply a second layer

3.) Let dry for about an hour and then make it food safe by spraying on Bulls Eye Food-Safe Shellac

4.) Remove tape and enjoy!

Painted flour sack towels


Flour Sac towels (small)

Fabric Paint

Fabric Medium

Blue Painters tape (note: I used a thin tape)

1 small paint brush or paint sponge

1 small cup

1 Iron


1.) Purchase flour sac towels or a linen/cotton blend tea towel (note: I found mine at walmart and love them!)

2.) Wash your towels before use (I promise you will regret it if you miss this step)

3.) Pour 2 parts fabric medium to 1 part multipurpose paint, then stir. You are looking for a thin consistency

4.) Use your painters tape to create a design, I did a basic stripe but feel free to go crazy! (note: make sure you REALLY press down the painters tape, if there is lifting the paint will seep through and your line will not be crisp)

5.) With your paint brush or paint sponge begin applying a thin layer of paint

6.) Allow to thoroughly dry before removing tape

7.) Once fully dry and the tape has been removed, turn your towel over and iron.  (note: DON’T Forget this step, this is how you make it permanent)

8.) Enjoy! (note: this is washable and the paint isn’t going anywhere! Trust me!)

**I loved this project so much that I plan on giving a few away to friends and family for the holidays and I plan to make my own stamps!

DIY love mug


Oil based sharpies (note: regular sharpies will NOT work!)

1 white mug

Rubbing alcohol

1 small sponge


1.) Make sure your mug is clean!

2.) Use your oil based sharpie to create any design you’d like on your mug, if you make a mistake don’t worry! A little alcohol on a sponge can serve as your eraser (note: try not to put your design too close to where your lips will be touching, on the side where I will be drinking from the dots start really-REALLY far down!)

3.) Once you love your design and you’re ready for it to become permanent bake your mug in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes

4.) Allow your mug to cool completely, feel free to wash your mug over and over your ink isn’t going anywhere!

Hope you’ve enjoyed all of the tutorials! If you attended the workshop, what did you think?! Dates will be posted for the September workshop soon, so stay posted!


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