Jul 15, 2013 | DIY, Our Apartment | 5 comments

Happy Monday Lovelies! Let’s start out today on a very productive foot, shall we. This weekend I previewed this picture of a few of my favorite do it yourself (DIY) desk accessories, and now I want to show you how to get this look for less than $10! My office is really coming together and in a few weeks I should be able to share just a few pictures of what I’ve been working on.  I purposely left my office as the last room in our apartment to unpack and design because I knew I wanted this space to be a place where my creativity could flow, where there would be an endless amount of inspiration, and the place where my daily crafting could be a priority.


While at meetings you’ll likely see me with a pen in hand, in my office I prefer a pencil and why not make them uniquely mine. I purchased 4 paint samples in an ombre minty-green color and a pop of color called strawberry (paint samples are only $2.98 each at Lowes and you can get as many as you want). I also took advantage of the fact that it’s back to school savings and purchased my pencils for only .47 cents. From there I applied on thin coat of paint by using a sponge brush and let them dry outside (drying time was about 30 mins).

Desk Accessories


I have always wanted a lucite tray, but spending upwards of $60 on one didn’t seem very budget friendly. That was until I thought, hey I can make one out of a shadow box! Yup, my friends my faux lucite tray is actually a shadow box that was purchased from Michaels craft store for around $2.00 (Original price $4.99 but I had a 40% off coupon!). Now I couldn’t just turn the shadow box upside down and say wallah it’s a lucite tray, I wanted to make something uniquely mine so I added in a speciality cream craft paper that I purchased for $1.00 that had gold perforated dots. Now I can say wallah, look at my faux lucite tray!

DIY Lucite Tray


The last DIY project that I did was to add a few colorful glass accessory holders (for pencils, paper clips, and other odds and ends I’d need on hand), I had all of the materials at home so this project was free, and that my friends is the beauty of up-cycling something! After dipping in a little paint my old props from a photoshoot and a jelly jar have now found the perfect home on my desk and inside my DIY lucite tray.

DIY Painted Holders

I hope you enjoyed the little peak into my office and more importantly I hope you’re inspired to make your office uniquely yours too by adding a few DIY projects and even up-cycling what you currently have lying around the house.