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UPDATE: This awesome DIY post was featured on Craft Gawker , Girls Life, DIY Craft Junkie, and even Stella Rosa (yes, the wine!) Lovelies. YES. YES. YES! Now who’s ready to make some pretty DIY Heart pins?

Happy Monday lovelies! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and had a chance to un-plug from the web, I know I did! This weekend I spent a day in my office prepping for two of my favorite days, my birthday and Valentines Day. My oh my do I have something pretty in store for you! Let’s kick off this week with one of my pretty projects, DIY Heart pins.  Lovelies, this is SO easy, the entire project should take you no more than 20 minutes however I do recommend you let your glue dry completely for a couple of hours. While I created pins your options are really limitless, you could create a cute bow (additional felt needed), a headband, a hair clip, go wild with creativity!

Materials Needed:

Sequin Trim (or if you have the patience individual sequin)

Felt Heart cut outs (you can make your own cuts but I went with pre-cut felt hearts found at my local craft store)

E600 Glue

1-2 Toothpicks


Making Me Events DIY Heart Pin


1. Decide on the size of your heart shape, my bag had about 4 different sizes however I opted for the largest one.

2. Add a little bit of glue to your felt heart, I did no more than two rows at a time so that I could work slowly.

3. Begin laying down your sequence trim in strips, take your time to make sure that your lines are straight, if you are going the individual route just take your time and use your toothpick to grab each sequin by adding a little glue to the end and sticking onto your heart.

4. Make sure to do the edges last! If you have any remaining holes fill in individually using a toothpick and glue.

5.) Now it’s time to glue your pin on the back. DONE.

Making Me Events DIY Heart Pin  Making Me Events DIY Heart Pin

I’m sure you’re probably wondering what the back of your pin will look like, so I’ve flipped it over for you. Don’t forget to let your pin dry before wearing it, I allowed mine to dry overnight and it’s now perfect for wearing & gifting.

Making Me Events DIY Heart Pin  Making Me Events DIY Heart Pin