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Hi Lovelies & Happy Monday!

Today, is a good day and I feel like I’m on top of the world and I’m pretty sure it’s not the extra cup of coffee I’ve had either–ha. I’m still participating in Blogtember, but I’m going rogue today and making my own topic.

My lovely boyfriend bought me my very first DSLR camera, I begged for months before finally convincing him that I needed it and Christmas morning I screamed like a kid when I opened it. I’m not lying when I tell you I wore it all day on Christmas, but I had no idea how to use it lol. I’ve been practicing as much as I can and asking my photography friends plenty of questions along the way.  I have taken some really ugly pictures (that I will never show you lol)  but I’ve also taken some pretty ones too and it’s really starting to boost my confidence. In my head I know exactly how I want something to look but it’s getting the right angle and figuring out all the bells and whistles on my camera that takes a couple of tries.  This Sunday while I had my mom on speaker phone I was setting up to take a pretty picture and I did it! 3 perfect pictures of exactly what I wanted, while on the phone, and only 3 pictures…not 15! Hello Progress. Hard work and practice really do pay off, how pretty is my picture? So PRETTY!  Today I’m recapping one of the projects from the last weeks fabulous DIY workshop that was held at Paper Passion, have I mentioned how much I love working with Sel? She rocks and we totally feed off one another’s positive and creative energy!

Ready to get crafty? Here’s what you’ll need to make your own DIY lip balm.


1 jar of Lip balm base -feel free to use just a scoop if you’d like to make about 5 (3 oz lip balms)

(you can also make your own, read how here)

40-50 small beauty jars, I purchased mine here

A pinch of MICA LIP SAFE colorant

(this is the safest way to know that the color that you’re adding to your lip balm base is lip-safe approved)

Sweet Flavor oil–a little bit goes a long way and makes your lip balm taste yummy!

1 small pot to melt your ingredients

(I used 2 small oven safe bowls and had a free standing warmer on the lowest setting possible)

The most adorable labels, Sel created the adorable labels that our lovely crafter used


We made about 40 small (3 oz lip balms) so we melted 1 jar of lip balm base into two oven safe bowls. Once I had an equal distribution of lip balm wax in each bowl I placed it on the warmer on the lowest possible setting, it took about 10 minutes to melt down. Once melted down add your sweet oil and stir  and keep in mind that just a little bit goes quite a long way, then it’s time to add your mica color.  I purchased the coral mica and cellini red, both of which are approved for your lips (some micas are approved for only eyes, face, lips, etc please make sure you read the description and if you have any questions call before you purchase).  Once everything was melted it was time to poor the creations into the jars, this has to happen relatively quickly because the balm starts to set. Top with a label and enjoy!

If you’ve never made your own lip balm you’re really missing out, it’s fun, inexpensive and if you’re like me and already thinking about the holidays it’s a great gift. Join me later this week for part two of the DIY workshop and if you missed the last DIY workshop join Sel and I again in October for another fun night of crafting.

DIY Lip Balm

Later Lovelies!