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Happy Hump Day and welcome to another beautiful Blogtember day. Today’s topic is supposed to be all pictures, but if you haven’t noticed I’ve been doing my own thing around here and the blog police haven’t knocked down my door, yet lol! Seriously though Blogtember is all about getting you motivated to write and keep writing,  and to build your audience and readership through consistent blogging. If the topic helps you as a jumping off point than go for it but I’ve found that I still need to bring you topics that are MME focused.  I can’t think of a better day than today to wrap up the recap from the DIY workshop Sel and I hosted last week.

Can I get a little high five for taking this fabulous picture! Serious shout out to all my photog friends, you never know how much work goes into a pretty pic until you step into their shoes, omg! I’ve had quite the learning curve but I’m finally starting to feel comfortable taking pictures and even more comfortable posting my work for you to see, not so bad right? I had this vision that getting a camera would give me more creative flexibility to style small sessions and capture them at my leisure, I’m not quite there yet but give me a few more months and a lot more practice and I should be. If you haven’t seen the DIY workshop video, what are you waiting for? See all the fun, DIY Workshop Video

Along with DIY  lip balm , crafters had a chance to make their very own DIY key fob, talk about two great projects! Ready to make yours? Here’s how.

You’ll need:

  • 1 piece of leather or suede (our leather was 9inches by 4inches but feel free to use any size)
  • 1 pair of sharp scissors
  • 1 key ring & trigger snap (trigger snap is not pictured but we also gave our crafters this in their DIY kit)
  • A small dab of leather glue or some heavy duty glue
  • Leather cord (optional)


  • Begin cutting your piece of leather, try to make the strips as even as possible.
  • Once you have finished with your piece of leather you can now make the small strip that will hold your key ring or trigger snap. See the picture below…for an example.
  • Attach your key ring or trigger snap to the small strip of leather.
  • Glue the small piece of leather to the larger piece, hold down for a few minutes.
  • Begin rolling your leather (not too tightly) and adding dabs of glue along the way to hold the leather in place.
  • To add embellishment finish off your key fob with leather cord, this can be wrapped around (featured below) or braided, get creative!
  • Let dry for about 30 minutes and add your keys!

Making Me Events

The project should take you no longer than an hour and talk about a great gift for yourself or for a friend!