Sep 2, 2014 | The Business Journey | 1 comment

Happy Tuesday lovelies, I hope you had an incredible weekend and most importantly I hope you are feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the week. I AM! No, really I plan to completely kick this weeks butt!! I’ve been chatting with a lot of my business friends and a lot of us are starting to feel the blues in some way or another, and I feel like we’ve all been giving each other virtual hugs and pep talks to keep our heads held high. I desperately wanted to take charge of my emotions and discovered something pretty remarkable, for me the first four minutes of my day dictated how the next 23 hours and 56 minutes would be played out. Yup, I said it from the moment I opened my eyes I had exactly four minutes to determine the kind of day I was going to have. Think I’m crazy? Keep reading. I found if I woke up with my alarm buzzing away and screaming at me to wake the hell up, I felt anxious, rushed, even late for everything. On the flip side if I gently and calmly allowed myself to naturally wake up (usually around 7:30am) I felt even more alert and on top of my game. All of a sudden those four minutes became the most important part of my day, I could choose to spend them angry, frustrated, or thankful and feeling fulfilled with God’s endless blessings.

Making Me Events

I choose everyday for the first four minutes to allow God’s grace to wash over me, to prepare me for the long journey that I have ahead of me and to allow me to walk a little closer to him. I declare that I WILL have a good day ¬†and regardless of the little bumps that occur they would no longer rule the day or me. Did you hear me bad days? You don’t rule me, you don’t rule us! You get to have a few moments but not a day, not a week, not a month, and not on my watch. Have I convinced you yet to adopt this four minute rule? What are some tips that you have for maintaining low stress filled days?