Feb 25, 2013 | Giveaway 2013, News | 3 comments

HEY! I’ve got something to cheer about, because this week I’m doing a giveaway ya’ll! This week I’m giving away all of my favorites to you–my cheerleaders-friends-clients-and soon to be’s!

For the next 5 days get ready for some amazing-ness.

Here’s what I’m giving away today, accessories or as I like to think of it the magic to any outfit. This weekend I met with a new client and after huge smiles and hugs were exchanged she commented on my necklace and here’s what I was wearing.

Love my necklace?  Choose any accessory from  Ann Taylor Loft under $40, want to know how? Keep-a-reading!

Giveaway rules:

1.) Subscribe to the blog!

2.) Leave me a comment telling me exactly what you’d like to win (accessory must be under $40)

3.) Like me on Facebook and Follow me on Instagram, and Twitter.

4.) Share this giveaway with your friends on Facebook-or Twitter-or Instagram and make sure you tag Making Me Events!


Facebook: @makingmeevents

Instagram: @makingmeevents

Twitter: #mmegiveaway


Additional details:

Giveaway applies to US residents only.

Giveaway ends on March 15th & drawing will take place on March 17th.

All winners will be announced on the blog!

*only 1 winner will be selected to win the above item