Feb 28, 2013 | Giveaway 2013, News | 4 comments

Were you waiting for another fun giveaway yesterday? Don’t worry I didn’t forget about you–rather just keeping you on your toes and speaking of a pick me up look at what I’m giving away  today. My favorite mugs from Anthropologie and because no mug would be complete without my favorite yummy java, Starbucks! Tell me which letter you’d like and I’ll throw in a Starbucks card with a surprise amount.  If you haven’t registered your Starbucks card–then let me school you on the way to get free drinks/food after a purchase of 12–oh and of course free refills while you’re in the store! My favorite peeps are throwing in an additional $5 for new registered users so the winner will be announced on Sunday, March 3rd and shipped directly to you in enough time to take advantage of the free $5.


Ok my darlings in case you need a reminder here are the rules.

Giveaway rules:

1.) Subscribe to the blog!

2.) Leave me a comment telling me the letter you’d like on your mug

3.) Like me on Facebook and Follow me on Instagram, and Twitter.

4.) Share this giveaway with your friends on Facebook-or Twitter-or Instagram and make sure you tag Making Me Events!

Facebook: @makingmeevents

Instagram: @makingmeevents

Twitter: #mmegiveaway

Additional details:

Giveaway applies to US residents only.

Giveaway for this item only ends on March 2nd  & drawing will take place on March 3rd.

All winners will be announced on the blog!

*only 1 winner selected for the prize