Jun 11, 2013 | The Business Journey, Weddings | 0 comments

Today I thought I’d dig in the bag of questions that I’m getting straight from you, my readers. One of the most popular questions I get is how I became a wedding planner and tips on becoming one. So here’s my story.

I fell into the world of weddings when I was 22, single, with an abundance of energy and a”can do” spirit.  I worked my tail off at a Bed and Breakfast Inn that moonlighted as a wedding venue and a restaurant during the week, it was a mom and pop family run business and I felt pretty excited that I was seeing so much of the running of their business behind the scenes. I was learning about beverage consumption, menu pricing, and so much that my head was spinning, after working 2 wedding seasons I knew I was craving something more than what a venue could offer me. I wanted to do more for clients, I wanted to be share in their planning experiences and as a venue coordinator my hands would be tied with just how much I could do. I decided to leave and become a self proclaimed overly qualified intern with a wedding planner who was awesome but really wasn’t teaching me much about the business.  I did however learn how to order a steaming hot cup of coffee from Starbucks, negotiate with vendors (super helpful), research-research-research industry professionals (helpful), take meticulous notes at meetings (not helpful! I was a note taker in college lol), and best of all book a bride (best part of the internship).  Now that I own my own business I think I understand her strategy, teach me enough to learn but not too much that I would be a competitor.

It’s definitely not my business style and thankfully I smartened up and continued to look for a planner who could really teach me, and in the midst of my search I found Mrs. J. Mrs J. was a planner that didn’t hire me to be her intern, she knew then what I had yet to discover. That I was ready to own my own business. I had to pinch myself a few times before the idea really started to stick, and two years after our meeting I launched Making Me Event Planning Firm, and with a little name tweak and another year worth of business branding with former client and 1/2 of the Makewell team Melissa,  Making Me Events fully launched. FINALLY everyone could see what was keeping me up at night and what I was dreaming about during the day.

The truth is there is no real recipe to becoming a wedding planner, sure I could go on and on about how you should be someone who is organized, passionate, can command a crowd (if you were EVER a tour guide in college you know exactly what I’m talking about), knowledgable about the wedding industry, and  love working in a face paced industry but that’s not it, at least that’s not all there is. You have to ask yourself how badly you want this and how far you’re willing to push yourself to get it. I knew right away that owning my own wedding planning business was something that I wanted REALLY badly and I was willing to give everything (and I have) to turn my full time dream into my full time job.