Oct 23, 2014 | The Business Journey | 0 comments

Hello lovelies! I feel like every time I come to the blog I need to kind of dust it off a bit and apologize about why I’ve been so delayed in my writing. But I’m changing that today, I’m a small business owner, crazy busy is lumped somewhere in that title.

As the year is coming to a close I’m getting a head start on 2015 and how I’m going to turn my very big dreams into real-life profitable plans. So this week armed with candy, wine, and more wine I went into what I can only describe as “think -tank” mode. I locked myself in a room sat down and asked myself some really tough questions. Lovelies I have some WERK to do to get myself back into shape, I will be adding on a new service soon (sorry I’m not ready to share it just yet, but if you’ve been buzzing around my social media pages you will probably guess it!) to MME and I want to make sure I can handle the work that comes with that. That’s what I love about this business, as I have grown so have my interests and I’ve been able to incorporate that passion directly into my services. Can you believe that there actually was a time when I didn’t offer vintage rentals? YUP! My lovely pieces weren’t being used at all in conjunction with MME which is just bizarre.

Sorry, I feel like I digressed a bit, I walked out of the think tank 4 hours later a little light headed and a belly full of chocolate (ps. wine and chocolate are no longer safe foods for me to over indulge in). I walked away from this exercise knowing that there are going to be some changes happening, don’t worry not fast but overtime you’re going to start seeing some new things from me. Two things that I’m willing to share now are that I will be taking on a serious investment in myself at the beginning of 2015. I really don’t want to say in what but just know that I will be getting my hands dirty and coming back to Laredo with FRESH concepts. ┬áThe other thing is I will be spending a significant amount of time back east balancing more weddings. Both of these new things are incredibly exciting but at the same time a little scary, it’s kind of the first time I’ve seen my business begin to put on big girl pants and I’m totally digging it.


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