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Happy Tuesday and happy March my lovelies! It’s been a while since I’ve done a goals post, so I’m excited to be sitting down and writing and thinking them out with you. March is a BUSY month for MME, I have exactly 45 days to pull all the strings together before I officially kick into my event season and about a week and a half before the rental season begins. I’m never quite sure how I’m going to do it all, manage event life, rental life, blog life, work life, and my own private life .

If you’ve been following along in my business journey you’ve come to know that I live for a challenge and I usually take my off season to focus on a craft or hobby that I’ve been dying to delve into. Last year I picked up my camera so that I could continue to bring you pretty pictures with each post and I’ve been slowly learning photoshop (big props to my photog friends!). This year I’m adding on another special layer which I’m pretty excited about, but not quite ready to share just yet. ¬†Ok enough of my blabbing, let’s get down to goals.

1.) Keep practicing my photography.

This was one of the goals I tried to really tackle in 2013 during my off season. It was refreshing to try my hand at something really new and different, and while I have no plans to become a photographer I whole heartedly believe better pictures & content = a better blog.

2.) Blog GREAT Content

Last year I took a class with THE Holly Becker and felt so inspired to be the best blogger ever, but I’ve started to feel a little blah when it comes to what to write. I really want this blog to be a place where you come to see MY work, so you’ll notice that I don’t really share wedding features/events that are not my own or that I haven’t participated in. I know you get it, but it’s just so important for me that you feel like this is a nice cozy home and when you open the door it’s me that you’re getting to know and my work

3.) Exercise

Yup, wedding planning can equal lots of junk food. I am currently eating a cookie right now as I type, lol. Seriously, I just need to get active. Get off my computer and walk, run, or do anything so that I feel a little more pep in my step.

4.) Worry a little less

A few months ago I was hit with the worry bug, all of a sudden I realized the amount of work I have on my plate and I started to worry that I just couldn’t give each and every project my all. After a really good talk with a friend I decided to make a few much needed lean decisions and take a few things off my plate that were great opportunities but for some reason I just wasn’t as passionate about them.

Making Me Events Florals

**I just had to include a few pretty pictures from this past weekends project! Enjoy lovelies.

Making Me Events Florals

5.) Connect

I have met so many people over the years and sadly a busy event/rental season can mean that I have less and less time to connect with people in person or online. I need to change that, this year I’m making more time to connect with new friends, insta-friends, and just be more present.

6.) Keep Calm & Carry on

To put it simply every opportunity just isn’t for me but lovelies it doesn’t stop me from going for it! Stopping myself from applying for one more thing has been quite the challenge but you know what I’ve decided that there really is only 1 of me and thousands of other talented folks out here. This is me keeping calm, carrying on, and staying focused.

What are your goals this month lovelies? I’d love to follow you along in your business journey, please leave the link to your goals in the comments.