Photo Credit: Nikki Kauzlarich Photography

Hi! I’m Phebe.
I have loved everything about weddings since I was 8! I remember wearing a pink and white fluffy dress with lots and lots of delicately darted tulle. I ate wedding cake off of the prettiest plate I’d ever seen, and I danced the night away all along thinking it doesn’t get much better than this. Years later I landed a dream job which included planning corporate events & event management, then later worked  with a company doing styling & design. I loved both opportunities and took full advantage of all of the unique learning experiences each provided. It was a few years later when I decided to start my business,  and I was instantly taken back to that influential moment when I was 8 and all of those unique experiences, I hadn’t realized it but for years I had been slowly building Making Me Events! On a sunny September morning Making Me Events was created, a business focused on carefully crafted events, floral design, and intentionally inspired vintage place setting rentals.

A few of my fav’s…

Darling and Lush flowers

Oliver (my assistant/dog/amazing adorable watch dog!)


No Makeup Monday’s (or everyday)

Best Friends

Puppy Cuddles


My promise to you…
I promise to be your cheerleader throughout your wedding planning journey, give insightful and thoughtful answers to your questions, recommend coveted vendors who fit your design aesthetic, cry with you at your wedding, and of course eat cake!

To learn more about me and follow along in my business journey, visit my blog!