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Hi lovelies! I’ve got big news and I mean huge news! Living in Laredo has been eye opening for me and with more extra time on my hands I finally have the  time that I  want to think long and hard about my business. I mean really think critically and plan long term.  Don’t get me wrong I’ve loved my monthly planning but I started to feel like I was so limited in thinking long term because I was balancing a full time career and a full time life. Every spare minute of time that I had went to my baby, MME and to my clients, but now the tides have changed and I’m making the best use of this time. Unofficially I’ve given myself 24 months to turn Making Me into a bigger than life business, ha I really like typing that and even better reading that last sentence aloud. Why only 24 months because that would put me at exactly the 5 year mark with my business and ladies and gents if I can’t get this business up and running by then than in my head I’ve failed. Don’t get me wrong everything I’ve done so far off this shoe string budget has worked, but I’ve hustled my ass of to do it and I don’t plan on slowing up or stopping now. Now is the time for me to truly go hard or go home. New client emails are flowing in by the handfuls weekly and bookings are up nearly 30% overall from last year, sometimes I have to pinch myself and remind myself how far I’ve come but at the same time I know how far I have to go.
A few months ago, right after supplying plates for the first Jess Lively workshop the most surprising email hit my inbox, one that has lingered with me today. The email was sweet and simple and asked if I would consider selling a few pieces from my well curated collection of plates and teacups, almost without hesitation I wanted to email no. No. No. No. I’ve worked so hard to collect each piece and form a massive collection and selling it off would be a shame. Since opening this business and making the leap to rent my accessories I’ve told myself that I have to have less of an emotional attachment to it, but low and behold I would cry (like a tear or two) when broken pieces came back. The first time that I lost 20% of an order due to an accident I could hardly catch my breath, but I needed to get real with myself either I’m renting with the option of selling and making this a full fledge part of my business or I’m collecting dust on my inventory. Simple.
Once I gave myself my own pep talk and permission to move my business forward and upward my plans of selling started to become really real. With all fingers and toes crossed I applied to be a vendor on One Kings Lane.  If you’ve never heard of this company than let me tell you first hand that they are the bees knees and applying to be a vendor with this company was a huge step for me and an even bigger step for Making Me Events. I haven’t heard back yet, but either way whatever the decision on their end is I’ll be moving forward and finding just the right company to sell my vintage lovelies through. I’ll keep you posted! Cheers to the Next Big Thing for MME, I hope to be sharing more news on this front very soon and so many more exciting things that have been happening in terms of event planning. All around my business is growing, changing, evolving and I’m finally willing to embrace it,  while still being the same Phebe and owning the business that you’ve all come to grow and love. What’s new with your business? Talk to me about the changes you’re seeing.
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