Aug 20, 2013 | Weddings | 0 comments

Hi Lovelies! Today I thought I’d drop a little 411 wedding knowledge. I picked the topic of selecting your wedding date because lately my inbox has been filling up with questions like this and I thought it would be fun to tackle a question directly from you.

OMG, you’re engaged! You’ve called all of your family members, close friends, and you’ve snapped the perfect ring picture and posted to facebook, instagram, twitter, 4 square (lol, ok I was just joking with the whole 4 square thing but you get my drift).  You and your new fiancé (who in the wedding world will be now referred to as your fi) eagerly pick your wedding day, it’s all sweet bliss. That is until you remind yourself that you’ve just picked the most important day of your life and it happens to fall on the same day as the beginning of March MADNESS (yup, that’s right!). Ok. Ok. I know this is all coming from the “one day I’ll be engaged” girl who’s actually  never experienced the first moments of engaged bliss, but I have worked with a lot of couples who have “date regret” and I feel like as a wedding professional I have to give you the real 411 and strategy on picking your date.

First things first don’t make any major decisions regarding your wedding for at least a week, let it all soak in and enjoy the fact that you’ve officially got the guy-forever. Once it’s all settled in you probably want to look up a calendar of events for the year, keeping in mind the season, holidays, and religious events.  For example, having lived in New England for the better part of a decade I absolutely know that I’d like to get married there! But my favorite flower only blooms locally for about 4-6 weeks every year at the end of May and beginning of June, sure the flowers could be shipped from other locations however I’d like to be able to actually go to a farm and pick these flowers. I also know that fall in New England is the most desired season to get married, so for us well we’ll be staying away from a fall wedding. I’m ok with that.

Here are a few additional things to consider: budget, significant date, peak season, and availability of your favorite vendors.  There are so many factors that I could list and that you should consider, I’ve just really scraped the surface and my point is to remind you that there will be plenty of wedding planning to do. Take your time and enjoy all of the bliss that comes along with wedding planning.

Next week, I’ll be tackling another question directly out of my inbox so stay tuned there’s going to be a whole lot of advice coming your way……