Apr 3, 2014 | Wedding Inspiration | 1 comment

Happy Friday lovelies! It feels so good to wake up and blog today, I can’t believe the month of March zoomed by so quickly. It’s that lovely season again for MME and I’m so incredibly blessed to say that in less than 50 days I’ll be planning the first event of the year. My heart is just so full of love and joy that I get to do what I love everyday and that so many of you support this journey. I wish I had more time to blog you know on the daily but MME is a one woman show with a fabulous assistant of course. Every small business can relate to the everyday hustle that I’m talking about! Today I wanted to introduce you to a new fun series, wedding inspiration. It occurred to me as I’m creating design proposals for clients that I should let you take a peek into how I pull my inspiration together. All of the lovely image credits can be found below and I seriously encourage you to check out these fabulous peeps. Seriously they are incredible and my jaw is seriously still on the floor. My hope is that you are inspired by color, ideas, and feel a little less afraid to make your wedding that much more special and unique by adding in unexpected details. The world of pinterest has left us all with inspiration overload and remember those images are to be used as inspiration not imitation. Have fun, get creative, and don’t be afraid to do something completely and utterly you!
Image Credits: Candy Poppers photo by Jackie Wonder, Plate image via: Seattle Bride, DIY Candles by: Petal Floral Design, Cake by The Caketress Photography by Vicky Starz Photography, Bonjour Print by Stephanie Sterjovski Styled by: The Doctors Closet, DIY Heart Bag by: Caitlin Photography by: Kate Ann Photography, Bouquet by Twiggs Floral Studio Photography by Jessica Burke Photography, Color Palette by Design Seeds, Table design by unknown (found on pinterest)

Image Credits 

Candy Poppers photo by Jackie Wonder

Plate image via: Seattle Bride

DIY Candles by: Petal Floral Design

Cake by The Caketress Photography by Vicky Starz Photography

Table design by unknown (found on pinterest)

Bonjour Print by Stephanie Sterjovski Styled by: The Doctors Closet

DIY Heart Bag by: Caitlin Photography by: Kate Ann Photography 

Bouquet by Twiggs Floral Studio Photography by Jessica Burke Photography

Color Palette by Design Seeds

Cocktail by The Effortless Chic