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Hello Friends! I am fully wrapped up in Blogtember and if feels stinking great! It really reminds me that it’s never too late to find your blog speed and refine your blog voice.  So many of you have reached out to me via email and on facebook letting me know that my blogging is inspiring you to blog, that’s great! Remember, you just have to start and in time you’ll build up a healthy readership just like I have. For the most part I’ve used my blog as a way for you to get to know the girl behind the afro, I mean behind MME. I have purposely not talked too much “wedding” because I didn’t want to be all pitchy and “hire me, I’m awesome”, I wanted all of you who are reading to be here because you love what you’re reading…and me-ha! Whatever, I was totally insecure for absolutely no reason. I’d love to be able to share with you once a week a little advice, wedding/event advice that’s just straight out of my noggin.  If I get all “pitchy” and boring call me out, k-thanks!

One of the questions I get asked a lot by people who are considering hiring me is, what should I ask you? While I’m always excited to take the lead during our first meeting, there is nothing like a client who has come prepared with a list of questions they’d like to ask.  If you’ve already made your list GREAT, please make sure these are in there too.

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Tell me a little about your experience and how long have your business?

Why this is important: I can’t stress how important it is to hire a professional, whether it’s a day of coordinator or an event/ wedding planner. The person that you hire will be in charge of several (if not all) aspects of your wedding and if something goes terribly wrong on your big day, you’re going to be kicking yourself. Really. Hard. for not asking. ASK.

How far in advance can I book you?

Why this is important: Following your favorite planner on pinterest, facebook, and even right here on this blog (hehe). Well chances are other peeps are too and there is a chance your date could be taken. I don’t “hold” dates without a contract, so if you’re interested in working together reach out as soon as you’ve got your bright and shiny or when you are ready to plan a pretty fabulous fete.

Do you have any references?

Please ask this question. Have you ever been offered a job without someone checking your references, nope. If a client doesn’t openly ask for a reference list I usually think they are a little on the shy side, so I provide them with a lovely list of recent clients who can speak to the level of my work and professionalism. Ok, one more time. Ask for a list of references! And while you’re at it check out their online reviews, you can find mine on both wedding wire, yelp, and right here on my website.

How often should we communicate?

Why is this important: You’re going to be trusting your day of coordinator or wedding planner with a big responsibility, make sure that before you’ve signed on the dotted line that you understand how often you’ll be communicating and their preferred method.  I have always given my clients unlimited communication with me but I also share with them that I have to sleep, eat, and live too so I can’t answer an email at 4am or on Sunday at 7am. My business is a job and just like a job I have office hours.

What Can I expect on the big day?

An amazing day!

At the end of the day you should strive to find someone who is passionate about their business and is just as excited to gush about the details of your wedding as you are!