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Happy Monday lovelies!

I’m putting it out there that August is going to be a fabulously- busy month. I’ve hardly had a chance to catch my breath since moving to Texas but now that I’ve finally found my niche, things are happening at light speed over here and I feel like there’s only one direction, up! Before we jump into August goals let’s change it up a bit and do a recap. July was extraordinarily successful month for MME, not only did I coordinate a wonderful wedding in Mahopac, NY (pics coming soon!) but I had the chance to lay the ground work for a few new projects for MME and increase my blog traffic for unique and returning visitors! I sent my friend a text message this morning from Neale Donald Walsh, “life begins at the end of your comfort zone,” it was just my way of saying to get to the best part of life you’re going to have to step out of the comfortable box you’ve built. So, with that said I’m ready to share the skinny on what’s new at MME and future goals for August.

This month I’ll be flying back east to coordinate another amazing wedding in Cape Cod, MA. I seriously have to pinch myself sometimes when I think of the awesomely talented couples I get to call clients and new friends!! I’m also hosting my first DIY workshop in Laredo this Thursday at Paper Passion along with my new business friend Sel, who’s the owner of Paper Passion, eek I’m so freaking excited I can hardly contain my excitement. and finally I’ve been hired to do a window design installation filled to the brim with pretty for another Laredo company. Whew. I used to say how could I be this lucky? How could life be this good for me and how did I make this business off of a wing, a creative surge of energy, and a prayer. Well I’m not this lucky, I suppose no one really is, I am however THIS BLESSED in life and in business. The blessing keep rolling in and I keep paying them forward to others!

My August goals are simple

  • Host another DIY workshop
  • Post 3 new DIY tutorials
  • Carefully Craft and Intentionally Inspire
  • Book 2 new 2014 events

Whew, and just like that I’m ready for another fun and excitement filled month! Check out a few of my favorite pics from July. Are you blogging your goals? I’d love to read yours too!


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