Jul 14, 2013 | Homespun Recipes | 1 comment

Whoa, where did the weekend go?!

I’ve been battling a cold that has kept me almost out of commission the entire weekend and today is the first day that I feel like I’m me again. I know, I know I should be taking it easy but instead I’m doing something special for my love who has been taking care of me for the past couple of days. I’m making a yummy breakfast and his favorite (actually MY FAVORITE) pancakes, Raspberry Chocolate Chip.

Breakfast for dinner, sure why not! Enjoy my recipe.


Pancake Batter (I use a  box mix, but by all means feel free to make your own too)

A handful of Raspberries

A handful of Chocolate Chips

**For an extra crunch add Chopped Pecans (just a pinch or two)


1.) Make your pancake mix

2.) Turn your griddle on 350 and spray with a little pam or butter

3.) Once your griddle is hot, pour your pancake batter

4.) I like to add all of my ingredients to the batter once it’s on the griddle

5.) Flip only when you see little bubbles forming, my secret is to only flip once!

6.) Garnish with raspberries, chocolate, and syrup!

7.) Plate on a vintage plate and ENJOY!

Recipe  Recipe

Recipe  Recipe