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Happy Friday and welcome to a post from one of my favorite series, home spun recipes. It’s beginning to feel a lot like winter today in Texas. I mean today I used my ice scraper, my fellow neighbors looked at me almost puzzled before seeing it’s magic. Yes, it scrapes ice off of your windshield! The funny thing about Texas that I’m starting to pick up is one day it’s this cold and tomorrow it’s in the mid to high 70’s, yeah in New England you’re pretty much stuck with this weather until mother nature says it’s spring. With the upcoming warmer weather I wanted to give a nice big nod to summer with this recipe. My favorite since I was a kid, Strawberry Shortcake.

Lovelies, I can’t give you the biscuit recipe because that’s a family recipe, however feel free to use your own. Or if you are short on time I won’t judge you if you buy already made buttermilk biscuits or if you’re like me sometimes you just want ONE biscuit ….Pillsbury has a frozen biscuit that is literally from freezer to table in under 25 minutes and it’s delicious.  Whatever biscuit you’re using it’s going to be delicious because of the next recipe I give you and that’s homemade whipped topping.


Strawberry Shortcake recipe by Making Me Events

Gather the following

1.) Metal Bowl

2.) Hand mixer (or equivalent)

3.) Spoon with rubber spatula

Ingredients for a nice bowl of whipped topping

1.) 2 cups Heavy whipping cream

2.) 1 tsp. Vanilla extract

3.) 5 tbsp. Powdered sugar

First things first I always pop my metal bowl and metal mixing spoons in the freezer for about 5 minutes. Why because my Grandmother used to say you want your bowl and spoons to be chilled, she gave no other explanation so I still go with that-ha! Add all of your ingredients and mix with your hand mixer or equivalent and watch the magic happen. Go ahead grab a separate spoon and give yourself a treat, you totally deserve it. Now it’s time to assemble. Using your freshly washed and freshly cut strawberries begin to layer the whipped topping and strawberries on to your biscuit which has fully cooled. Serve and Enjoy! Confession, I’ve never actually gotten through the full assembly without eating it but goodness knows I try.