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So as you can see my kitchen is small, again with less than 900 square feet of apartment it means space is limited, but that doesn’t mean that I’m  skimping on style.  Sure I don’t have awesome custom cabinetry and they’re not white, but they are new and still very pretty. So here are the two things I want to highlight in my kitchen: custom king and queen chairs and my rehabbed kitchen cart. We knew we’d have to leave our 6 person dining table behind due to our small living space so we had some time to design a smaller kitchen space that worked for our needs and stayed true to our diy style.

When I couldn’t find the perfect king and queen dining chairs in the perfect shade of blue I threw caution to the wind and decided to buy 2 uglier mismatched chairs and turn them from ugly to gotta have.  Our chairs were $2.50 each and  with a little sanding, a few coats of paint, reupholstered in just the right shade of blue we had our dining chairs. They are picture perfect and imperfect and I love them. Total cost $12 each.

Another tiny thing that we did that makes a huge difference is closing off our panty behind our table. If we didn’t you’d literally be able to see our washer and dryer and all of our pantry items. Talk about small detail and big impact! I hope you love our tiny kitchen space as much as we do.

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