Jun 10, 2013 | Our Apartment | 4 comments

Happy Monday lovelies! It’s another busy week of blogging, wedding planning, and networking and I can’t wait to get started.  Last week I showed you a few elements of how I am styling my new very awesome but very small apartment, did I mention it’s less than 900 square feet? Yup it is!  But I’m making it work and making it fabulous one day at a time,  I still have a few extra things to do but I’d say it’s 90% done. My house colors are gray, very pale blue, and white. I use lots of mercury, gold, and a few touches of black to bring it all together and each week I buy fresh flowers in a different color to keep my living space fresh. This week I found the prettiest peonies at HEB plus (the one off the loop) and I just had to scoop them up!

The one thing that I’ve found really amazing about styling this apartment is how consistent my style is throughout each room, in every room an over abundance of white furniture, fresh flowers, and simple accessories are present and all making a big impact. If you’ve recently moved or you’re looking to freshen up your house and you don’t know where to start before you buy anything hop on pinterest and start pinning rooms that you love, colors that you love, after about a week or two you’ll start seeing your true living style. Our living style is a little vintage, fresh, a little modern, and a whole lot of pretty. I can’t wait to show you another room next week, until then stay inspired and encouraged.


Perpetual Calendar    Books

Owl     White couch

Cute dog     Vintage coffee table


My living room