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Welcome back to the blog lovelies. Let’s keep this week rolling with more inspiration and do it yourself projects! A few weeks ago I teamed up with an amazing group of vendors to collaborate on a fun and very DIY friendly Valentine’s day photoshoot. The shoot was so amazing that I’ve decided to break it up into two posts, this one focusing on the details and the diy projects and the other showing more pictures of us. Oh, yes did I mention that my sweetheart and I are the models, YUP! Valentine’s day is probably one of my favorite holidays, it’s a time for me to reach into that creative space and personalize special gifts for my love and I hope this post inspires you to add a little something homemade for the holiday. Before I break everything down you NEED to know the fabulous people that contributed their time or product to making this shoot spectacular, they absolutely deserve your special attention. Mabel Photography provided beautiful photography and even edited a few of mine because she is just that awesome, Online Labels and Blush Printables worked together to provide the prettiest printable labels and all of the stationery that you see featured, TomKat Studio so generously provided all of the party supplies that you see, Le’ Cupcake whipped up a beautiful AND delicious heart shaped cake, and Blossom provided the prettiest handmade hair ties that are featured in pictures 8 and 9. Yes lovelies, so many creative people came together and trusted little ole me to pull this together in the most creative way. I am so grateful and truly humbled by the enormous amount of talent that I am surrounded by and the people that trust me to style, carefully craft, and bring these photoshoots to life. You all hold a very special place in my heart and MME.

One thing that I wanted to do was create a custom box filled to the brim with tasty treats and personalized gifts for Valentine’s day, I mean who says you have to be limited to just a box of chocolate and flowers? I say you should have it all! Conversation hearts, chocolate, and even flavored lipbalm for sweet kisses! I hope you love my spin on a crafty V-day.

Valentine's Day by Making Me Events  Valentine's Day by Making Me Events  Valentine's Day by Making Me Events

DIY Project Alert…

Ruffled Crepe Paper Backdrop

Materials needed

4 rolls of Crepe Paper

Sewing Machine

Stick pins to hold the paper together


This my friends was a true labor of love because I have never in my life used a sewing machine lol. As a matter of fact I had to borrow on and get a quick tutorial on the basics, I was pretty scared but it was so easy that even someone who has never touched a sewing machine can very easily recreate this. When thinking about length keep in mind that you want your paper to ruffle a bit so you will need likely twice as much to achieve the desired length. Also to create the deepness in color you’re going to want to have two of each layer.

Once you have 4 strips in your choice of color, pin them together overlapping, now you’re ready to sew them together! I used the lowest setting (a 4 on the machine I used) to create the ruffles. That’s it. Yup. THAT’S IT, and below are the results which can be seen in nearly every picture. What do you think?

Valentine's Day by Making Me Events   Valentine's Day by Making Me Events

Valentine's Day by Making Me Events   Valentine's Day by Making Me Events

DIY Project Alert….DIY Heart Pin, directions can be found here and TOTALLY are a hit.

Valentine's Day by Making Me Events   Valentine's Day by Making Me Events

DIY Project Alert…

XO Cake Topper & Flower Topper

Materials Needed

Wooden XO letters

Wooden Sticks ( I used skewers and later cut to the desired length)

Glitter (I used a super fine antique glitter by Martha Stewart)

Modge Podge

Food safe clear shellac (you can find online here or in your local home improvement store)

E600 glue


Glitter your letters FIRST. To ensure that your glitter stays on the letters and doesn’t fall onto anything else make sure that you spray each side with the clear food safe shellac just make sure to do only one side at a time. Once completely dry attach your sticks by using the E600 glue. I was very careful to do this outside and allowed them to dry completely overnight. Once dry they are ready to be used, and my oh my do don’t they look great?!

Valentine's Day by Making Me Events   Valentine's Day by Making Me Events

DIY Project Alert…

DIY Lip balm, directions can be found here. Your lips and wallet will thank me!

Valentine's Day by Making Me Events   Valentine's Day by Making Me Events