Kelly Dillon & Don’t Frett Photography

My china obsession began when I was a child and has grown into an utter love for the prettiest plates that I can find. I’ve spent years building a one of a kind collection which includes beautiful blush colored, white, gold and silver trimmed pieces that I absolutely couldn’t live without (and you won’t want to either!). What started out as a small collection of dessert plates has expanded into a beautiful collection of dinner, salad, dessert, and teacups.

If you’re looking to create a custom look for your event, than I’ve got you covered! I’ll work with you to hand pick each beautiful dish from my mish-mash one a kind vintage collection, and on the day of your event I’ll deliver, set up, and even style my pieces. Need me to ship? No problem! You tell me when and where and I’ll send my collection directly to you!