Mar 4, 2017 | Florals, The Business Journey | 0 comments

Hi lovelies!!

Bringing myself back to the blogging world and dusting off some of the cobwebs and removing the cute little dust bunnies from around here.


Making Me Events Bouquet

A LOT has happened in the year that I stopped blogging, like A LOT. I got engaged, married (more about these two LATER), grew my business, and have found a way to begin to turn all that I am passionate about into my business. It was an amazing 2016 and from what I can see 2017 will be an incredible year as well!


Yesterday I filled my soul over a cup of coffee with a friend who reminded me just how far this tiny company has come. After she left I took a slow spin around my design studio and realized my collection of vintage milk glass, pink depression glass, Hadley hatboxes (featured in the image below), handkerchiefs, silver teapots, and blue buffalo china was something wayyyy beyond my time and yet somehow I felt the most connected to all of these things over modern and traditional collections.

Hadley Hatbox


For the first time in a VERY long time I feel like my head and my heart are aligned and the path for MME has been very carefully laid out and I’m no longer in the battle to look like anyone else (praise God!). My company is drawing from a time when women wore fancy hats and drank out of delicate teacups and had a discerning eye for decorating, creating, and collecting and we’re bringing that kind of fancy and classic elegance to each event through garden style floralizing (ok…maybe that’s not a real word, but l like it ha), decor from my curated collection, and through planning.